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Fiberglass Flat Roofs

Fiberglass is now the no 1 choice of builders,architects and engineers for flat roofs and with good reason,no other roof 
gives better overall "bang for buck" and is suitable for any flat roof application,fiberglass literally moulds to the shape of
existing or new roof and with no seams or overlaps can't leak 
20 Year Guarantee

Fiberglass flat roofs come with a 20 year guarantee,with life expectancy of 50 years plus should be the last roof you need to do


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Modern and clean


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On new builds or existing felt or asphalt fiberglass gives a unrivalled clean and neat look and stays that way for years


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Environmentally friendly and with the smallest carbon footprint of all flat roofs with very low energy manufacture costs its nice to know by using fiberglass as your flat roof of choice your doing your bit for the planet as well 

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